Monday, September 22, 2008

UPW 10 Day Challenge - Need Help?

Here's the link to the 10 Day Challenge:

When I first did the challenge I was hugely motivated but found it really difficult to find out all the info such
- meal ideas
- HOW do I measure my acidity / alkalinity,
- WHAT is a Green Drink, a rebounder, Udo's Oil, etc and
- Where can I get all of this?

It took me a few months and once I figured it all out I kind of became the Go To girl. I love sharing what I learned with people so I wrote it all out & have now put it online for anyone who wants it. Here's the latest one on how to measure pH and it's got the links to all the other articles:

Please feel free to leave a comment or make any requests. I'm no expert but I focussed on this area and I'm very lucky I've got a lot of friends who are experts.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Music and songs for Guided Meditation

Here are some suggested songs for your guided meditation and processes.

These are tranquil tracks used during the Oneness Blessing.

Song Name Artist
Devi Prayer Craig Pruess feat. Ananda
Oneness Blessing Nahuel Schrajis
Flowers of the Forest (Bagpipes) Mike Oldfield
So Much Magnificence Miten w/ Deva Premal
How Could Anyone Shaina Noll
You Take My Breath Away (Remix) Sarah Brightman

Apollo 13 (Theme song) Soundtrack
Beautiful Mind (Theme song)
Braveheart (Theme song)

Forrest Gump - Feather Song
Alan Silvestri
Powder (Theme song)

Titanic (Theme song)
After the Sunrise Yanni

And these are songs to sing-a-long to:

Song Name Artist
Because You Loved Me Celine Dion
Brown eyed girl
Can you feel the love tonight Elton John
Forever Young Rod Stewart
Imagine John Lennon
It’s in every one of us David Pomerantz
Lean on me
Nothings gonna stop us now Starship
Slow hand
You’ve lost that loving feeling Righteous Brothers

Your suggestions are always appreciated to so if you have some favorites you'd like to add, please share.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

DWD Mix - Song Play Lists

Big thanks to Wes: click here for link to his original post and the Tony Robbins Graduate Community (highly recommended!).

Here are Wes's play lists he suggested following Date With Destiny DWD 2008. Put 'em on your ipod and listen to empowering music.

I don't know about you, but listening to the radio can accidentally trigger me into a less resourceful state. I swear I can tell what state the person who chooses the music is in from the playlist and I don't want to listen to a string of poor-me I'm-a-victim lost love songs. I prefer to make a more conscious choice about what I listen to.

Workouts are even better when you listen to music that motivates you.

Enjoy! :)

DWD Mix – Volume 1

1. Thunderstruck (AC/DC)
2. Holiday (Green Day)
3. Vertigo (U2)
4. In Da Club (50 Cent)
5. Lose Yourself (Eminem)
6. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
7. Sandstorm (Da Rude)
8. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (Fall Out Boy)
9. Numb (Linkin Park)
10. Speed of Sound (Coldplay)
11. Somebody Told Me (The Killers)
12. This is Your Life (Switchfoot)
13. Jump Around (House of Pain)
14. Gimme More (Britney Spears)
15. Everybody Dance Now (C+C Music Factory)
16. This Ain’t a Scene (Fall Out Boy)
17. With Arms Wide Open (Creed)
18. I Need to Wake Up (Melissa Etheridge)
19. Life Will Never Be The Same (Haddaway)

DWD Mix – Volume 2

1. The Saints Are Coming - (U2 / Green Day)
2. Panama (Van Halen)
3. Burning Love (Travis Tritt)
4. Start Me Up (Rolling Stones)
5. Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
6. Are You Gonna Go My Way (Lenny Kravitz)
7. If Everyone Cared (Nickleback)
8. It’s My Life (Bon Jovi)
9. How You Remind Me (Nickleback)
10. The Cup Of Life (Ricky Martin)
11. Baby, I’m a Star (Prince)
12. Mission Impossible (Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr.)
13. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing (Chris Isaak)
14. Getting’ Jiggy Wit It (Will Smith)
15. Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice)
16. Wiseman (James Blunt)
17. Love Song (Elton John)
18. Give a Little Bit (Supertramp)
19. Dear Father (Neil Diamond)
20. Life Will Never Be the Same (Haddaway)

DWD Mix – Volume 3

1. Mony Mony (Billy Idol)
2. Born to Be Wild (Steppenwolf)
3. Beautiful Life (Ace of Base)
4. Crazy in Love (Beyonce / Jay-Z)
5. Hit Me Baby One More Time (Britney Spears)
6. Love Stoned/I Think She Knows (Justin Timberlake)
7. Lady Marmalade (Christina, Lil Kim, Pink, Mya)
8. Beautiful (Christina Aguilera)
9. Because You Loved Me (Celine Dion)
10. With or Without You (U2)
11. Slide (The Goo Goo Dolls)
12. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman (Bryan Adams)
13. Fighter (Christina Aguilera)
14. Hero (Mariah Carey)
15. Man in The Mirror (Michael Jackson)
16. She’s Always a Woman (Billy Joel)
17. Someone Like You (Shawn Colvin)
18. Secret Garden (Bruce Springsteen)

DWD Mix – Volume 4

1. Beautiful Day (U2)
2. Stop The Rock (Apollo Four Forty)
3. No Limit (2 Unlimited)
4. Wake Up (Rage Against The Machine)
5. Party Like a Rockstar (Shop Boyz)
6. Hit Me Baby One More Time (Britney Spears)
7. Jerk It Out (The Caesars)
8. We Are Family (Sister Sledge)
9. Jump (Van Halen)
10. The Hey Song (Jock Jams)
11. Don’t Stop Believin’ (Journey)
12. Where the Streets Have No Name (U2)
13. How to Save a Life (The Fray)
14. All for Love (Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, Sting)
15. I Am… I Said (Neil Diamond)
16. How Could Anyone (Shaina Noll)
17. You Are So Beautiful (Joe Cocker)
18. Will You Be There (Michael Jackson)
19. Searching My Soul (Vonda Shepard)

Oneness Blessing Music:
1. Devi Prayer (Craig Pruess feat. Ananda)
2. Oneness Blessing (Nahuel Schrajis)
3. Flowers of the Forest (Mike Oldfield)
4. So Much Magnificence (Miten w/ Deva Premal)
5. How Could Anyone (Shaina Noll)
6. You Take My Breath Away (remix) (Sarah Brightman)

Soundtracks (Closed Eye Processes)

Apollo 13
Beautiful Mind
Flowers of the Forest (Bagpipes)
Forrest Gump
After the Sunrise - Yanni

DWD 2008 - Courage Tshirt

Were you at Date with Destiny, Gold Coast April 2008?

Here's a message I received and wanted to share:

"Who could forget the moving session involving the remarkable young man, Christian -who will probably always be remembered as "Courage Man"? Since then, many DWD Graduates have asked about his inspirational shirt and whether they could get one.

Well - inspired and moved by such COURAGE on that day, I sourced out the t-shirt for myself and am honoured to pass on the opportunity for you to own one too. If you would like to have an exact replica of the Courage t-shirt and also a Tony Robbins DESTINY t-shirt then visit the website I specifically created for it –

It's a great opportunity to wear these great t-shirts at future events or give to your friends who attended.

Empowernet have advertised this opportunity in their 'Daily Destiny Moments Day 6'. A lot of people missed out on seeing the t-shirt advertised because only empowernet e-mails were sent to the contacts they have. Loads of people are from overseas and didn't get the advertisement. Please pass this opportunity to the friends you made at the event and also your group members.

Cheers Andrew
p.s. - I will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Anthony Robbins Basket Brigade. "

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tony Robbins - Rocky Story Video

Tony tells Sylvester Stallone's Rocky story

Sly was so dead broke he hocked his wife's jewelry. Then he had to sell his best friend, his dog for $25. Two weeks later he wrote "Rocky" in 1 night.

Here's his inspirational story.

(Transcript) Sly Stallone, Sylvester Stallone, Rocky… Rocky's story is this even right? …But Sly's too, Sly is a good friend of mine. And,when I first met him years ago. He listened to my tapes and stuff and he invited me over for dinner, we started talking and I said I heard your story from other people but I really want to hear it from the horse's mouth.

I don't know how much is mythology and Urban Myth and how much is true…so he told me his whole story, he said the essence of it though was, he said he knew his whole life what he wanted to do since he was very very young, he wanted to be in the movie business. Period. I mean Not just TV… Movies.

He said why was, for him, it was a chance to have people not only escape but to inspire people and by the way that drive is what made most of his movies to inspire people what they capable of, overcome unbelievable obstacles, cause of his own life he felt like he did that..

When he was born he was pulled out by the forceps, that's why he looked the way he did, that's why he talked the way he did.

Then he said so I really want to do that and I knew why I want to do it and I wasn't gonna settle for anything else..and he said what happened was, I went out to try and get jobs and its not like they went “Hey Adrian”, they went hey you're a star, it didn't work out very well.

They looked at me and said Hey, You're stupid looking, do something else, DOh Doh…there's no place for you in that stuff you're never gonna be a star in the movies, you're insane. No one's gonna want to listen to someone who looks dopey and talks out of the side of their mouth. And he got No after No after No... after No. He said I was thrown out more then fifteen hundred times of agents offices in New York. I said there aren't fifteen hundred agents in New York. He said, I know, I've been to them 5,6,7,8,9 times.

He said he went to the number 1 guy. I got in there at 4'o clock and he wouldn't see me and I stayed there, I would not leave and I stayed there overnight. He came back the next morning and I was still sitting there. That's how I got my first job...

The guy said, fine, come in here! And he sat down and he went through this and he gave me my first movie. (Tony:) Oh really? I thought Rocky was your first movie? He said, no, this other movie, I'd never heard of it. Well, what character did you play? … I was in it for about 20 seconds. I was the thug that somebody beat up. He said because they made me feel like you know “people hate your guts, you're getting beat up will be a good thing”. And he did like three movies like that…never got anything, kept going out, rejection, rejection, rejection. So finally he realized it wasn't working, so he changed his approach. He said I was starving, by the way, he said I couldn't pay for even to have heat in my apartment. My wife was screaming at me everyday, go get a job. I (Tony) said why didn't you?

He said because I knew if I got a job, he said I get seduced back and I'd lose my hunger. He said I knew the only way I can do this as if it was the only choice if I burnt all other bridges, 'cus if I did a normal job pretty soon I'b be caught up in that rhythm and that stuff and I feel OK about my life and I feel like my dream would just gradually disappear.

He said I wanted to keep that hunger, that hunger is the only thing I thought was my advantage. He said my wife didn't understand that at all. He said we got these vicious fights and he said it was freezing so I was broke, we had no money and he said so I finally went to the public library one day because it was warm. I didn't want to read anything. I went in to the New York Public Library.

So I was hanging out there, sat on this chair and somebody left a book there and he said I looked at this book and it was the Poems, the stories of Edgar Allen Poe and he said so I started reading it and I got totally into Edgar Allen Poe and he knows everything about him, so he goes on for another 20 minutes telling me about Edgar Allen Poe he knows everything, how he died, what it was about, what really happened and I said What did Poe do for you? He said Poe got me out of myself. He got me to think about how I can touch other people not to worry about myself so much. And he said he made me decide to become a writer I (Tony) said just imagine “Rocky the writer".

He created the movie script, Paradise Alley, and managed to sell it for $100, but it did not lead to anything. Finally, he was so broke that he hocked his wife’s jewelry. This was basically the end of their relationship. They had no food and no money. There was only thing he had left, and he loved him more than anything. It was his dog and the unconditional love his dog gave him, unlike his wife.

He was then forced to sell his dog. He waited in front of a liquor store to sell his dog for $50. He finally met a man to buy it, but he haggled him down to $25. He walked away and cried. This was the worst thing in his life.

Then 2 weeks later, he watches a Muhammad Ali fight a white guy and gets an idea. He writes for 20 hours straight. He had created a script that would eventually be known as Rocky. He knew what he wanted and why he wanted it. "I took the action, now it's time to deliver." Now, all he had to do was find somebody to buy it.

After a series of rejections, he finally meets a couple of guys who wanted to buy it. They offered him $125,000 for the script. Even though this was an unbelievable amount of money, Stallone said he would only accept it if he starred in the movie. Remember he was starving? "That is my story, and I'm Rocky" As a no name, he was rejected, these guys wanted Ryan O'Neill to play the part of Rocky. He turned down the money because he refused to compromise. A couple of weeks later, the same guys offered him $250,000 to NOT to star in his own movie. He turned it down. They came back with a final offer $325,000. He turned them down. He knew he had to be Rocky.

They finally offered him the chance to star in his own movie, but they didn’t want to pay him much as it was a risk to them. They ended up paying Stallone $35,000, which included a share of the profits.

The first thing he did was go back to the liquor store to find the man who bought his dog. He waited three days before he finally did find him with the dog. He told the man he would do anything to get his dog back. He offered $100, $500, and $1,000, but the man refused to sell the dog back.

What did he do? "I knew my outcome & took massive action." He changed his approach and finally got his dog back. He paid the man $15,000 of the $35,000 he received from the movie script & a part in the movie.

The dog in "Rocky", Butkiss, is Sly's dog.

The movie, "Rocky", ended up costing $1 million to make, and it grossed over $200 million and won an Oscar. Right before the Oscars, he read all the rejections, all the things people had said, he'd written it all down. Sylvester Stallone told Tony Robbins that the greatest revenge is massive success.

Tony Robbins UPW DWD Play List Songs

Want to get the music played at Tony Robbins events to help get you into a Peak State?

Here's a list of music played at UPW, DWD and even Life Mastery.

I'm always looking to update this list so please let me know of new music! Also, I'd love to get your comments.

Song Name Artist
(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life Dirty Dancing Soundtrack
(Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty KC & The Sunshine Band
1-2-3 Go NLF Techno
1-2-3-4 (Sumpin’ New) Coolio
2 Light to 2 Quit
911 Kirk Franklin & TD Jakes
A Life So Changed Titanic Soundtrack
A Little Less Conversation Elvis Presley
A Little Less Conversation (remix) Elvis vs. JXL
A new day has come Celine Dion
A Thousand Miles Vanessa Carlton
A Whole New World (Aladdin’s Theme) Alan Menken
ABC Jackson 5
Absolutely Everybody Vanessa Amorossi
Accidentally in love Counting Crows
After All Cher
Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) Phil Collins
Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love Van Halen
All For Love Bryan Adams/Sting/Rod Stewart
All for Love Bryan Adams
All Star Smash Mouth
Always get what you get -
Amazing Alex Lloyd
Amazing Grace Seattle Vineyard
Amazing Grace Yull-Win & Friends
American Woman Lenny Kravitz
Annie's Song John Denver
Another one Bites the Dust Queen
Baby Come and Get It Pointer Sisters
Baby You're the Lucky One Amy Grant
Baby, I’m a Star Prince
Back in the High Life Steve Winwood
Bad Michael Jackson
Bad Michael Jackson
Be Neil Diamond
Beautiful Christina Aguilera
Beautiful Sarah Brightman
Beautiful Day U2

Beautiful Life Ace of Base

Because you love me
Because You Loved Me Celine Dion
Believe Cher
Believe Cher
Better Man Robbie Williams
Big Time Peter Gabriel
Billie Jean Michael Jackson
Birthday The Beatles
Birthday The Beatles
Bitch Meredith Brooks
Black Cat Janet Jackson
Black Or White Michael Jackson
Blood on The Dance Floor Michael Jackson
Body to Body Miami Sound Machine
Bohemian Like You The Dandy Warhols
Born in the USA Bruce Springsteen
Born To Be Alive Patrick Hernandez
Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf

Breaking the habbit Linkin Park
Breathe Vineyard UK
Brick House Commodores
Brick House Earth Wind and Fire
Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison
Burning Love Travis Tritt
Burning Love Travis Tritt
Bust a Move Young M.C.
Bye Bye Bye N’Sync
California Phantom Planet
Calypso John Denver
Can you feel the love tonight Elton John
Can’t Stop the Rock Apollo 440
Celebrate Life Karl Anthony
Celebration Kool & The Gang
Change Sheryl Crow
Chariot Gavin DeGraw
Chariots of Fire Vangelis

China Groove Doobie Brothers
Circle Of Life Elton John
Circle of Life (theme from Lion King) Elton John
Classic tune, Very Slow -
Come and Get Your Love
Come Baby Come K7
Come On and Ride The Train Quad City Djs
Coming Out of The Dark Gloria Estefan

Conviction of the Heart Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins
Country Roads John Denver
Countryish track -
Couple of Days Off Huey Lewis and the News
Crazy in Love Beyonce
Cup of Life, The Ricky Martin
Dancing on the Ceiling Lionel Richie
Dancing With Myself Billy Idol
Danger Zone Kenny Loggins
Dear Father Neil Diamond
Deliver me, Slow background -
Disco Inferno (Burn, Baby, Burn) The Tramps
Do You Love Me? Dirty Dancing
Doctor Doobie Brothers
Don’t Phunk with My Heart Black Eyed Peas
Don’t Stop Fleetwood Mac
Don’t Worry Be Happy Bobby McFerrin
Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me George Michael & Elton John
Don't stop -
Don't worry be happy -
Dream On Aerosmith
Drops of Jupiter Train
Eagle Eye Cherry Save Tonight
Emergency Kool and the Gang
Emotions Destiny’s Child
Emotions Mariah Carey
Enigma Enigma
Every Little Cell in My Body is Happy Karl Anthony
Every Little Step Bobby Brown
Everybody Backstreet Boys
Everybody Wants to Rule the World Tears For Fears
Everyday is a Winding Road Sheryl Crow
Explosive Bond
Express Yourself Madonna
Eye of the Tiger (theme from Rocky II) Survivor
Eye of the Tiger, For introducing someone ~ -
Faith George Michael
Fanfare for The Common Man (Public Domain)
Feel my temperature rising Fast, Dancing -
Feels good TONY!TOI!TONE!
Feels Like Home Chantal Kreviazuk
Fighter Christina Aguilera
Finer Things Steve Winwood
Fire Ohio Players
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The Celine Dion
Flashdance – What a feeling (1995 remix) Irene Cara
Flight of Fantasy Yanni
Footloose Kenny Loggins
For What It’s Worth Buffalo Springfield
Forest Gump Theme (Feather song) Forest Gump Soundtrack
Forever Young Rod Stewart

Free Ginny Owens
Free Direct
Free Falling Tom Petty
Freedom 90 George Michael
Freeze Frame J. Geils Band
Fresh Kool and the Gang
From Saving Private Ryan, Very Slow, Emotional -
Fun, Fun, Fun Beach Boys
Funky Town
Game of Love, The Michelle Branch
Get on up -
Get on your feet Gloria Estafan
Get Outta My Dreams/into My Car Billy Ocean
Get over it -
Get Ready For This 2 Unlimited

Get This Party Started Pink

Getting’ Jiggy With It Will Smith
Gimme Some Lovin’ The Blues Brothers

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cyndi Lauper
Give a Little Bit Supertramp
Give a little bit, Slow Background -
Give me some lovin' Fast, Dancing -

Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) C&C Music Factory
Good Vibrations Beach Boys
Grand Illusion Styx
Great Balls of Fire Jerry Lee Lewis
Greatest Love George Benson
Hand in My Pocket Alanis Morrissette
Have You Ever Loved a Woman Brian Adams
Hazard To Myself Pink
Hear it Through the Grapevine Marvin Gaye
Heart of Rock and Roll Huey Lewis and the News
Heaven is a Place On Earth Belinda Carlisle
Hero Mariah Carey
Hero Nickleback
Hey Ya Outkast
High The Lighthouse Family
Higher Creed
Higher Love, Slow Background Steve Winwood
Higher self, Slow Background -
Hit Me Baby, One More Time Britney Spears
Hollaback Girl Gwen Stefani
Hope Shaggy
Hot In Here Nelly
Hound Dog Elvis Presley
How to be a Millionaire ABC
How to Save a Life The Fray
How You Remind Me Nickleback
Hungry (I’m falling On My Knees) Vineyard UK
Hunk of Burning Love Elvis
I Am I Said Neil Diamond
I Believe Yolanda Adams
I Believe Savage Garden
I Believe I Can Fly R. Kelly
I Dare You To Move Switchfoot
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing Aerosmith
I Feel for You Chaka Khan
I Feel Good Tony Tone Toni
I Found Somebody Queen
I Get Around Beach Boys
I got the Power, Fast -
I Love You Always Forever Donna Lewis
I Sing The Body Electric FAME Soundtrack
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For U2

I Wanna Be Rich Calloway
I wanna stand with you on a mountain Savage Garden
I Want a New Drug Huey Lewis and the News
I Want To Break Free Queen
I Want to Know What Love Is (remix)
I Want to Live John Denver
I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston
I Would Do Anything for You Meatloaf
I’ll Be There For You (theme from “Friends”) The Rembrandts
I’m a Believer The Monkeys
I’m a believer Smashmouth
I’m a Believer Smashmouth
I’m Alive Celine Dion
I’m Coming Out Diana Ross
I’m Free Jon Secada
I’m Free Queen

I’m the Only One Melissa Etheridge
I’m Too Sexy Right Said Fred
I’ve Got the Power Snap
Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice
If You Believe Kenny Loggins
I'll Stand By You Pretenders
I'm Free John Secada
Imagine John Lennon
In Da Club 50 Cent
In The Air Tonight (remix) Phil Collins
In the name of love U2
Insane in The Brain Cypress Hill
Intuition (remix) Jewel
Iris Goo Goo Dolls
It’s a Beautiful Morning Young Rascals
It’s in every one of us David Pomerantz
It’s My Life Bon Jovi
It’s Raining Men The Weather Girls
It's about Time John Denver
It's My Life Bon Jovi
It's only getting better -
It's Your Birthday. 50 Cent
Jack & Diane John Mellencamp
Jam Michael Jackson
Jerk It Out The Caesars
Jump The Pointer Sisters
Jump Van Halen
Jump Around House of Pain
JUMP, Van Halen, Uplifting Medium Dancing -
Just a Touch of Love (Everyday) C&C Music Factory
Keep On Dancing. No Doubt
Kids In America Kim Wilde
Killer Seal
Kiss From A Rose Seal
Kiss of Life Sade
Lady Marmalade Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink, Lil’ Kim
Larger Than Life Backstreet Boys
Lean on me
Lean On Me Kirk Franklin
Learn To Fly The Foo Fighters
Legs ZZ Top
Let’s Get It Started Black Eyed Peas
Let’s Go Crazy Prince

Life Will Never Be The Same Haddaway

Like a Prayer Mad’House
Like a Virgin Madonna
Living on a Prayer Bon Jovi
Lose Yourself Eminem
Love is a Wonderful Thing Michael Bolton
Love Man Dirty Dancing
Love Rollercoaster Ohio Players
Love Shack B52s
Love Will Keep Us Together Captain and Tennille
Low Rider War
Macarena Los Del Rio
Macho Man The Village People
Magic Moment Drifters
Man in The Mirror Michael Jackson
Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson, Slow, Background Michael Jackson
Maria Ricky Martin
Miami Will Smith
Mighty Wings Cheap Trick
Mission Impossible Theme Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen Jr.
Mmm Bop -
Moany Moany -



Mony Mony Billy Idol
Moulin Rouge Theme Song. Moulin Rouge Theme Song.
Move Ya Body Nina Sky
moving on up m people

Mr. Jones The Counting Crows
Mr. Postman
Murron’s Burial Braveheart Soundtrack
My Heart Will Go On (from “Titanic”) Celine Dion
My Prerogative Bobby Brown
My Sacrifice Creed
Mysterious Ways U2
Nadia's Theme Young and Restless
Neutron Dance The Pointer Sisters
Never an Absolution Titanic Soundrack
Never Give Up on a Dream Rod Stewart
Never Gonna Leave Your Side Daniel Bedingfield
New Attitude Patti La Belle
New Day Celine Dion
New Sensation INXS
No Limit 2 Unlimited

No Such Thing John Mayer
No Where to Run Martha and the Vandellas
Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now Jefferson Airplane
Nothings gonna stop us now Starship
now that we found love Heavy & the boyz
Obladi, Oblada The Beatles
Oh Yeah Yello
Old Time Rock and Roll Bob Seager
One U2
One Love Bob Marley
One Moment In Time Whitney Houston
Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) Enya
Overload Dirty Dancing
Panama Van Halen
Peaceful World John Mellencamp/India Arie**
Play That Funky Music Wild Cherry
Pleasure Zone, Fast -
Power of Love, The Huey Lewis & The News
Practical Magic II Alan Silvestri
Practical Magic Theme Practical Magic Soundtrack
Prince -
Proud Heather Small
Pump Up The Volume Technotronic
Push it, Salt n Pepper, Medium Background -
Push It. Salt N Peper
R.O.C.K. in the USA John Cougar Mellencamp
Reach Out I'll Be There. Four Tops
Reason, The Hoobastank
Reflections Diana Ross
Relax Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Right In Front of You Celine Dion
Roam B-52s
Rock & Roll Part 2 (The Hey Song) Jock Jams
rock and roll (part 2) Gary Glitter
Rock DJ Robbie Williams
Rock Steady Aretha Franklin
Rockin' Robin Shanana
Rocky Theme Rocky Soundtrack
Rocky Theme Song Rocky Soundtrack
Rose Titanic Soundtrack
Run Around The Blues Traveler
Running With the Devil Van Halen
Rythym is Gonna Get You Miami Sound Machine
Rythym Nation Janet Jackson
Save Me Remy Zero
Searching My Soul Vonda Shepard
Searching My Soul Vonda Shepard
Secret Garden Bruce Springsteen
September Earth, Wind & Fire
Sex You Up Color Me Badd
Shake Down Break Down Beverly Hills Cop II Soundtrack
Shake that thing, Medium Dancing Sean Paul
Shake Ya Tailfeather Nelly, Murphy Lee, P. Diddy
She Drives Me Crazy Fine Young Cannibals
She's Always A Woman To me Billy Joel
Shine Vanessa Amorosi
Shout Tears For Fears
Shout (You know you make me wanna shout) Otis Day & The Knights
Simply Irrististible Robert Palmer
Simply The Best Tina Turner
Slow hand
Slow, Michael Jackson, Uplifting Background Michael Jackson
Smells Like Teen Spirit. Nervana
Soak Up The Sun Sheryl Crow
Soft & Wet MC Hammer
Somewhere Out There James Ingraham & Celine Dion
Soul Provider Michael Bolton
Southampton James Horner
Sowing the Seeds of Love Tears for Fears**
Splish Splash Shanana
Star Wars Theme John Williams
Start Me Up Rolling Stones
State of Attraction Paula Abdul
Staying Alive Bee Gees
Step By Step New Kids on the Block
Stop The Rock Apollo 440
Stranger In Moscow Michael Jackson
Stronger Britney Spears
Sugar Sugar (You Are My Candy Girl) The Archies
Super Freak Rick James
Surfin' U.S.A. Beach Boys
Surfin’ USA The Beach Boys
Susudio Phil Collins
Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond
Sweet Child O’ Mine Guns & Roses
Sweet Child O’ Mine Sheryl Crow
Sweet Emotion Aerosmith
Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynard
Swing Kids Swing Kids Soundtrack
Take it to the Limit Eagles
Take Me Home Phil Collins
Tell it to My Heart Taylor Dane
That’s the way ( I like it) KC & the sunshine band
That’s The Way It Is Celine Dion**
The Launch (Apollo 13) James Horner
The Lord Is My Shepherd Whitney Houston
The only way is up -
The power snap
The Remedy (I Won't Worry) Jason Mraz
The Rose Bette Midler
The Sweetest Thing U2
The Walls Come Tumbling Down. John Cougar Mellencamp
This is How We Do It Montell Jordan
This is How You Remind Me Nickleback
This Love Maroon 5
This Magic Moment The Drifters
Thriller Michael Jackson
Thunderstruck AC/DC
Time Chantel Kreviazuk
Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiero) Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman
Times Like These Foo Fighters
Tiny Dancer Elton John
Titanic 2m48s, Very Slow, Closed Eye Titanic Soundtrack
Top Gun Top Gun Soundtrack
Top Gun Anthem Top Gun Soundtrack
Toxic Britney Spears
Tribal Dance. 2 Unlimited
Tubthumping (I get knocked down but I get up again) chumbawamba
Turn The Beat Around Gloria Estefan
Twilight Zone 2 Unlimited
Twist My Arm Pointer Sisters
Two of Hearts Stacy Q
u can’t touch this MC Hammer
unbelievable emf
Up Town Girl Billy Joel
Up Where We Belong Officer and a Gentleman Soundtrack
Vertigo U2
Vogue Madonna
Voices Carry 'Til Tuesday
Waiting For You Seal
Walk Like an Egyptian Bangles
Walking in Memphis Mark Cohen
Walking on sunshine Katrina & the waves
Wanna be Starting Something Michael Jackson
Wannabe The Spice Girls
Way You Make Me Feel, The Michael Jackson
Way You Move, The Outkast
We Are Family (remix) Sister Sledge
We Are Family. Pointer Sisters
We Built This City On Rock And Roll Jefferson Starship
We Will Rock You Queen
What a Feeling (theme from Flashdance) Irene Cara
What a feelling -
What I like about you The Romantics
What is love Medium, Dancing -
What is Love? Haddaway
What One Man Can Do John Denver
What You Waiting For? Gwen Stefani
When I Get You Alone Thicke
Where is The Love Black Eyed Peas
Where the Streets Have No Name U2
Wherever You May Go The Calling
Who Let the Dogs Out Baha Men
Why Annie Lennox
Wild Wild West Escape Club
Will You Be There (Free Willy theme) Michael Jackson
Wind Beneath My Wings Bette Midler
Wipe Out Ventures
With or Without You U2
Working For The Weekend Lover Boy
World’s Greatest, The R. Kelly
Yes Dirty Dancing
YMCA The Village People
You Are So Beautiful To Me Joe Cocker
You Can do Magic America
You Don’t Treat Me Sonia Dada
You Get What You Give New Radicals
You Gotta Be Des'ree
You Learn Alanis Morrisette
You Outta Know Alanis Morrissette
You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC
You Spin Me Round Dead or Alive

You Take My Breath Away Sarah Brightman
You’ve lost that loving feeling Righteous Brothers
Your Imagination Brian Wilson
You're the best, Tina Turner Tina Turner

You've Got the Right Stuff New Kids on the Block
Zip a Dee Doo Dah

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